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Axel is 22, roaming aimlessly until he can find what he's here to do. He tends to come in two speeds: high strung or lethargic. There are few exceptions. He is a Business Management major, pushed into the field by his boss, a co-owner of a well-known local restaurant. He would rather be head chef, though. He has two true passions. Cooking, and raves.

Axel sports some large scars, but he isn't ashamed of his rough past. He believes he has learned from his mistakes, but he admits that there are more to be made before he is considered "wise."
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Roxas hummed in response, blue eyes flicking up to meet his lover’s green ones before they closed and the teen pressed himself against his boyfriend more to try and steal some of his warmth. “Shh, don’t call my third home a dump.” Roxas chuckled. “I missed you. This stranger can’t just randomly pop in for hellos and blaket burritos? I hope you know that I’ll be popping in a shit ton more during the winter. And that’s not just because your place is closer to campus and quieter.” Roxas stuck his tongue out to tease the other and poked the tip of Axel’s nose with the point of his tongue.

Huffing out a laugh, Axel playfully smacked the side of Roxas’ hip. “That so? Well, I guess can live with having a warm bed this winter. And it’s not like you don’t know where the spare key is. Obviously.” He swore his door had been locked before the blond had waltzed in and settled like a cat on his lap. “Hop up a second and I’ll get a blanket for burritos. Pick out a movie or something. ‘S been awhile since we’ve curled up for one, yanno.”


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Roxas padded over to where the redhead was sitting. He carefully climbed onto Axel’s lap and gave the man a peck on the forehead before wrapping his arms around Axel’s neck and Eskimo kissing him. “Hey.”

The redhead wasted no time in wrapping Roxas in him arms and pulling the boy closer. “Hello there, stranger.” He hummed, lips quirking into a small smile. The blond had stolen his attention completely away from whatever had been droning on on the tv. “What brings such a handsome thing like yourself into a dump like this, hm?”

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