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    Answer all these questions and you should have a fully-developed character for your audience to connect with.
    A strong character can carry a weak plot; but a strong plot can’t carry weak characters





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    Axel’s breath against the nape of Roxas’s neck felt like a cool breeze because the barn was so hot.  He typed the address of his friends’ place into the phone in the format that he knew a GPS would request.  To be safe, he typed out the directions to get there as well in case the GPS didn’t recognize the address.  Roxas saved the data and passed the electronic device back to Axel before taking the man’s hand again.  This lead to him rocking with Axel during the span of a song while Roxas gathered his wits.  The blond stumbled over a few divots in the ground as they danced, but he figured that the ground would be stomped out to an even level by the end of the night.  The two of them had just started dancing, but they were already slicked in sweat.  Painted colors blurred together with sweat acting as turpentine to blend their metaphorical oil pastel pieces.  It took a few seconds into the next song for Roxas to finally answer his date.

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    The DJ was inconsistent, but every remix that played could have easily come right from Axel’s own phone. When Roxas passed the device back to him, Axel had inspected the address and directions, then tucked it safely away in his back pocket. It vibrated occasionally with a new email or text from someone who had undoubtedly gotten the number from someone in the same room. The music fluxed from chill to wired to harsh to sweet and sad to bouncing off the walls, and the crowd changed with it - undulating like waves of turbulent ocean, jumping and spinning, basically fucking each other right there on the floor. He and Roxas danced as well, painted handprints and neon galaxies melting with sweat and smudging against the other. The old barn must have been ninety degrees easy, and that was without the influence of drugs.

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    look at these nerds

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