1. theegyptgame:

    ok but ask yourself this about your otp

    • which one hogs the blanket
    • which one cuts the other’s hair
    • which one makes coffee for the other every morning
    • which one picks up the pizza
    • which one likes their music on full volume
    • which one complains about the crumbs on the bed
    • which one is ticklish
    • which one sings and which one plays the music
    • which one proposes

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  2. quiet reminder for myself and anyone else who needs it


    • you’re alive
    • you’re okay
    • you have people who care about you
    • you can do this
    • it’s okay to be scared and overwhelmed, just don’t let it consume you
    • you’re okay
    • you can do this
    • today might not be a good day, but you’re alive and that’s okay
    • it’s okay
    • you’re okay
    • deep breaths
    • you’re okay

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    …I may or may not have teared up a bit reading this ;)

    I needed this kind of inspiration today. :)

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  3. pulsingcheckeredlights:

    Roxas hummed quietly and nuzzled his nose underneath Axel’s chin when they weren’t kissing.  He could feel the vibrations of Axel’s voice buzzing against the top of his nose as the other spoke.  ”Maybe I’ll take a mini vacation just to stay curled up with you for a couple days.”  There was a teasing tone to Roxas’s voice, but he was being completely honest.  He had missed his big red dino.  He missed the snarky smirks and the impossibly gentle touches that Axel sometimes gave that contrasted with how he acted sometimes.  He missed sticking out his tongue at his lover, being wrapped in a blanket burrito, and having someone to just hug randomly.  Roxas cracked his eyes open, closing them for a moment more to nuzzle against Axel’s skin again and then pull away.

    Roxas was nibbling on his lip, white teeth peeking into vision when Roxas minutely moved his top lip to readjust the lower lip.  It took him a moment before he retracted one of his arms and cupped Axel’s cheek.  He once again brushed back red tresses before he tapped the pad of his thumb on the tip of Axel’s nose.  ”How long is your lease on this place?”

    To make the question seem casual, the blond reached down and picked the remote up once more to flip through the different genres and titles available.  ”What are you talking about? Aaah! Zombies!! was a horrible movie.  You mean bad as in illegal or bad as in quality?  Because that movie was bad.”

    With a quick chuckle, Axel tilted his head, giving Roxas more room to tickle his skin with yellow spikes. The idea of Roxas staying for a while was definitely not unwelcome. Netflix binging, naked breakfast making… Maybe some sort of a romantic bubble bath some night after work… He could picture it all clearly, their living like newlyweds for as long as Rox ended up staying. “You’re in luck.” he offered with a smile, looking down at his lover with soft eyes. “I have a couple days off this week. Tuesday and Wednesday. Of course, we’d still have to go to class, but I think a pseudo-vacation is just what the doctor ordered.”

    It wasn’t unheard of for the golden-haired teen to ask random questions, so the one about the lease on his run-down house didn’t exactly come as a surprise. What did catch Axel off guard, though, was how Rox had led up to asking, then tried to make it seem as nonchalant as possible. Axel was pretty perceptive when he was only six inches away. Usually when his boyfriend asked one of those weird random question, it was done very casually. “Hey, wanna go to a rave with me? “Hey, what do you feel about oil spills and seals?” “Ax, why is the sunset red, anyway?” He didn’t usually take such care as to brush Axel’s hair back and touch his face. Displays of affection were done just as randomly as odd questions, so to have the two together made Axel wonder exactly what was the motive of the handsome blond beneath him in their burrito. “My lease is up in January.” He admit with eyes focused on Roxas, who had already turned away to flick through the Netflix options. “I have to decide whether or not I want to buy it. If I do, I have to start considering where to get my loan. If not, I have to start looking for a different, and preferably cheaper, place to live.” Narrowing his eyes in curiosity, he added “Why do you ask, Rox? And to answer your question, I meant illegal. There’s a ton of cinematic screenvomit on Netflix.”

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    He had always thought he would go out in a blaze of glory, saving baby deer from the raging flames of a dry forest or spontaneously combusting whilst water skiing. Hell, even setting an angry kitchen fire in the middle of prepping bananas foster for the president, that would work!! It had always been fire, his death. What Axel had not envisioned it to be was numbness in his fingertips; a bullet that ripped into his torso and ricocheted around, basically performing a nasty little lobotomy of his insides and turning them into mush. Or swiss cheese. Yeah, maybe swiss cheese was the better option of what his stomach must have looked like.

    Death was proving to be much colder than he had expected, and Axel never had liked the cold. He was more of a tropical sort of guy. 

    Poor Roxas… it was obvious how hopeless the kid was, but he was doing his best to sport a brave face. No tears - men weren’t supposed to cry. What silly, childish notions. Axel didn’t intend to let the younger run from this. It was their finale, the time to say goodbye. He didn’t want to pretend that he was going to get all better, because it was made obvious by the wheezing sounds in his breath and the blood slowly dribbling from the side of his lips that he was destined to not get better at all.

    It was getting colder.

    "Rox." The amount of effort it took Axel just to lift his hand and set it carefully on the blond’s shoulder surprised him. It was another thing he hadn’t expected; death had always been fueled by adrenaline (unsurprising, as he was saving deer or water skiing or cooking for the president). It had always come and gone in a flash of energy. This was more painful, more drawn out. Death was cold and heavy. "Tell me you love me." He didn’t care if it was fake (even though he knew it wasn’t). Axel needed to hear Roxas’ goodbye before he could die. He refused to go before it. He would magically stop the goddamned bleeding until the blond said everything he needed to hear.

    He was choking on blood, the thickness of it staining his gums, teeth, and lips red. But he wouldn’t cough. Wouldn’t scare the boy holding him so tenderly in his arms. He had always wanted to go out a hero. Instead, he was just the victim of some surprise mugging. But at least they’d gotten him and not Roxas. Maybe he could fool himself into believing he was in fact a hero - at least to one person. He wasn’t the former junkie who struggled every day. He was no longer the joker who kept the party alive, the student with doctor’s handwriting, the unhealthy boyfriend who tried his best and still fell below the bar. Axel had kept Roxas from being targeted by the bullet that was now taking his life, and that made him a hero. Right?

    "Do you love me, Roxas?" He asked again, voice thick with liquid. He would be coughing in just a moment, which would aggravate the bleeding elsewhere, no doubt. But he focused on terrified blue eyes instead of the unpleasant cold heaviness that was the Reaper’s hand. "Would you have-" the coughing finally began, red bubbling from his mouth as his body tried to expel it enough to breathe. "-have-" it was almost like retching, if one could do so with so little energy. And then it stopped for a glorious moment, and Axel turned his swimming eyes away from the person whom he loved so much, and who was unfortunate enough to watch this entire ugly scene unfold. Axel was ashamed at how unheroic his death actually was. "-married me? If it weren’t like this?"

  5. Axel yawned widely behind a loosely curled fist, eyes smashed shut and mouth agape with the sheer power of his exhaustion. Part of the man wondered if he was just too damn old to keep going out like this on the weekends, but it wasn’t a part that was going to be able to stop him. Every Sunday, his body ached and his stomach flopped like a beached fish; his eyes were sensitive enough to warrant the use of sunglasses even indoors; his feet dragged the ground where he walked. Hangovers were always the worst.

    Idly, he picked up a can of tomato paste, stifling another yawn whilst reaching into his hair to scratch the back of his scalp. Hm… Could this be used to make Rox some sort of “sorry I was a drunken mess last night” make-up dinner? Quickly, the redhead conjured up a mental picture of a romantic dinner by candle light, pasta (but god, not fucking spaghetti) and his kick-ass garlic bread. Sure, they’d both stink enough to keep the vampires at bay, but it wasn’t like the blond didn’t have a toothbrush over at Axel’s place by now, anyway. 

    With a noncommittal grunt, he let the can roll from his fingers into the already laden down cart. 

  6. In order to celebrate the coming of Autumn/my awesome new icon (thank you forever Nova!!) I updated my theme. :3

    Time to go buy some pumpkin coffee and head off to work!

  7. Quick headcanon/note to self

    Axel is a Leo in the zodiac. His birthday is August 12th. This is totally not because it’s my sister’s birthday and therefore easy to remember. Nope. Not at all.

  8. incenseandart:



    I feel like he’s saying “Want to go carve pumpkins, Roxas?”

    and Roxas is like “whut’s a pumpkin is that a type of ice cream?”

    No but seriously can you imagine Akurokushi carving pumpkins? And then putting them up on the clock tower?

    Anyway, this is something I drew for Fire-crotch so she could have an Autumn!Axel~ I hope you like it. It’s kinda soft.

    Do me a favor and Don’t zoom in. Zoom out like way out I’m so sorry it’s so messy that’s what happens when I draw on paper and scan it in…

    I literally have no words to describe how perfect this (and you!!!) are/is. But I’m still going to try.

    I completely agree! It’s like he’s excited to carve a wicked looking pumpkin and then Rox asks about ice cream AND YES ITS A FUCKING FANTABULOUS FLAVOR “BUDDY” JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU TRY IT. And sweet Xion too, we can’t forget her~ I would love to know what each of their pumpkins would look like omg!!

    I’ll update my icon as soon as I’m home, not wasted, and have access to a computer. Oh man. I literally cannot thank you enough. What could I possibly offer you that could live up to this?

    Haha I don’t need anything I return deary xD I did it because I wanted to. Don’t worry just get home safe and sober, Kay?

    I may draw the pumpkin stuff around Halloween ; ;

    You’re silly, I didn’t mean “I want to see them” as in “draw them”! What sort of selfish, awful person would I be to continuously be like “OMG draw this and that and thisandthat and that and that and this” for me? I meant more that I’m probably going to write some sort of Autumn-based drabble for the sea-salt trio. I don’t think drunk!me conveys herself very well. ^^;