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Axel is 22, roaming aimlessly until he can find what he's here to do. He tends to come in two speeds: high strung or lethargic. There are few exceptions. He is a Business Management major, pushed into the field by his boss, a co-owner of a well-known local restaurant. He would rather be head chef, though. He has two true passions. Cooking, and raves.

Axel sports some large scars, but he isn't ashamed of his rough past. He believes he has learned from his mistakes, but he admits that there are more to be made before he is considered "wise."
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btw you never answered to whether or not you wanted a sterek or akuroku fic c': Or a different pairing?


Ha! As much as I love Sterek, I totally want akuroku!! The original question is sitting under this one right now, because I feel terrible every time I look at it. You don’t owe me anything, silly, and I don’t want you to feel obligated to write something just for me. 3:

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You and Roxas are really cute. Are there plans for you two to live together in the future? Aren't you two really busy? It'd probably be best so that you two can see each other? Love your writing btw <3


"Ha, thanks. We are pretty damn cute, aren’t we? As far as future plans go… I think you’d have to ask him. We’re both still in school, and as disgustingly in love as we are, I don’t know if I’m long term material for him. He’s… he’s got a lot of potential. I don’t want him to waste that because he’s too busy taking care of me, you know?" (Thank you for the compliment. I really love writing, so I do my best!!)

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imagine, a world where roxas’s skateboard isnt embarrassing. imagine that

You accused the wrong droid dun Dun DUN


noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I HAVE FAILED

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What's your top 5 favorite things about your little blue lover?


"Hm… just five? Alright, lets see if I can do him justice.

I’m a sucker for how he wakes up in the morning. Sort of crazy looking, with sleepy eyes and his hair stickin’ up in every direction imaginable. And he just looks at me for a minute, and I swear to every god I have never believed in that if they do exist, their ‘heaven’ is behind those baby blues.

I like when he yells at me. When it’s gettin’ close to finals and we’re both cramming hardcore and he just can’t get away from me long enough to focus. I do everything within my power to break his concentration, too. And finally, he’s just had enough of my annoying ass and he just SNAPS, and then there’s yelling, and sometimes he’ll throw shit at me. He’s so passionate, and so worried about his future… I can really respect that. He’s given me (and still does give me) a lot of hope for a future that I myself never believed in. He yells when I fuck up, or when I say shit that is so full of self-hatred that I want to die all over again. I want to fall back on the needle. He gets so fucking pissed off because he LOVES me and he CARES what happens to my sorry ass. Fuck.

I really appreciate his faith in me. When I can’t even look in the mirror for the shame and disgust, Roxas just has this insane sixth sense that I need him. He takes my face in his hands and he tells me that I’m strong enough, that I can do it - he says he loves me, and I know that he’s got enough faith in me for the both of us. Even when I can’t be strong for myself, I find a way to be strong for him.

No brainer, but I like the fact that he hits up the scene every now and then. I mean, shit, we wouldn’t have met otherwise.

There are too many things that I like about little blue to name just five. I don’t want to pick a “last” thing, so you only get four. I think you have enough info of what I love about him already. It isn’t the basic ‘eyes, smile, ass’ thing. Love is separate from lust or even physical appreciation. I love Roxas. I love the things that make up his personality - the things that make him, well, him.”

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*gives you a pet snake*



Do you have freckles?


"Shitloads of them. Comes with being a tanned redhead. When I’m pale, they’re there. When I’m tan, THEY ARE THERE. See the difference?"

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I love you, you fine young ginger man (and cute mun).


(I know this is you, Katie!!!! You’re busted!! Come out with your hands in the air [so I can hold them<3])

"Haha… This better be Rox, otherwise you’re gonna get me in mad trouble with the old lady." ;)

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Do you love Roxas?


"To an almost violent degree. It’s that sort of ‘tongue-stuck-in-your-mouth, can’t focus, sweaty palms every time you see them’ sort of love. That ‘pull the stars from the sky just to put the light in their eyes’ kinda love. That stupid little kid is my entire fucking world, got it memorized?"

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